Haunting The Ruins (1996)
Also by
Tanya Reichard-Voorhees

From an aging spillway bridge crossing the ageless Louisiana delta ("Asphalt Blues") to the heart of a torturous relationship ("The Gallery"), the songs on Haunting The Ruins take the listener on a Southern Gothic journey through dark and dangerous places. Tanya's beautiful, powerful voice is backed by a full band on this confessional collection and the result is ... haunting.

 1. Haunting The Ruins
 2. Euphrates
 3. What Is This We Hold?
 4. The Key
 5. Shell Shocked
 6. Over
 7. I Believed
 8. The Gallery
 9. Asphalt Blues
10. Homecoming
11. Draconia (Bonus track)
12. Homecoming (Peregrine version) (Bonus track)